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Awakening Cover by EnvySkort Awakening Cover by EnvySkort

It's been forever since I've uploaded anything, because I've been avidly drawing/writing my entry for the 2014 Summer SacAnime Convention.

Truth be told, I started a little later this year than I had last year, and I'm impressed (and surprised) I was able to get it done so quickly.

The idea for the story is actually a collaboration on the part of myself and my fiance, so he gets half the credit for bringing this story to the table (he's good with constructive criticism and idea-bouncing because he's awesome like that).

It involves the main character, a boy named Ren, traveling through a mysterious realm with his comrades Pere the warrior, Hiira the healer, and Sissi the magician.  The journey, however, is plagued by the presence of a lurking creature known only as The Necrus...  And it seems to have a particular interest in Ren himself.

This story isn't as strong as the Kingdom of Akemi for my entry for last year, but I still took it as an opportunity to branch out and try to hone my penciling/inking skills, as well as experimenting with battle scenes and backgrounds.  Whether or not I place in the manga contest, it was still fun putting this little project together (and an excuse to buy more PITT pens).

The cover here is, of course, traditionally penciled, inked, and colored with a combination of Prismacolor markers and Copic markers, and took a grand total of about 4 days to do.
Wisetria Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
This looks amazing!! 
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