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/co/ Drawthread Request - Keep On Truckin' by EnvySkort
/co/ Drawthread Request - Keep On Truckin'
So I was lurking in a Drawthread again recently on /co/ and came across a request asking for a /co/ related character doing the Keep On Truckin' pose.  So I chose Dr Doom.

Why Dr Doom?

Why NOT Dr Doom?
/co/ Drawthread Request - Carmen Sandiego by EnvySkort
/co/ Drawthread Request - Carmen Sandiego

Took up a request on a /co/ Drawthread recently, just to give myself some practice.  Despite those threads being pretty much 80% porn requests, some are interesting and fun.  This one, for example.

The requester asked for some artwork of Carmen Sandiego stealing comic-related items, such as Captain America's Shield, Thor's Hammer, etc.  So I went with Thor's Hammer and eventually wound up making a mini-comic instead of just a single standalone picture. 


Took about 2 days to do, between sketching it out in pencil and coloring it in Photoshop.  If you look reeeeeeeeeally closely (and if you can read katakana) you'll see my 4chan handle/signature in each image.
Damn you, Two Best Friends.  YOU MADE ME DO THIS.

Threw this together in about half an hour or so, just for funsies.
Awakening Page11 by EnvySkort
Awakening Page11
And here we are, the final page of this little story and the tweest my fiance and I collaborated on in a sense. 

To back things up a bit, I was brainstorming like crazy a few months ago for a story and wasn't coming up with much until my fiance suggested I take an allegory and run with it.  In this case, we decided to go for an allegory of fighting for one's life once faced with the prospect of possible ensuing death. 

In his run-ins with death, Ren's only salvation came from the interventions, urgings, and support of his family and physician, and the strength he drew from them in the end.  Spoiler alert, yeah.  You got this far, so I'm sure you were able to put together that much!

Either way, that's the end of the story.  Again, not as powerful as the Kingdom of Akemi, but a welcome little experiment in practicing with story-telling, panel-planning, and background/detail practice.  So even if it doesn't place, it's still here for you all to read.

Any constructive criticism is welcome, because if I do this next year, I REALLY want to knock the ball out of the park!

Thanks for reading, guys!  You're great!
Awakening Page10 by EnvySkort
Awakening Page10
Really loved doing this page.  Lot of action and movement going on, two of my favorite things to play with!


United States
Gonna draw till I die. And then, I'm gonna keep drawing until I die some more!

Current Residence: My epic 2-story cardboard box, NOW WITH LIGHTING!!
Favourite genre of music: Video game music, techno/house, trance, jazz
Favourite style of art: Colors! Lots of colors! And action! The body in motion! Also... CARTOOOOOOOONS!
Operating System: Uh.... Rock Star energy drinks?
MP3 player of choice: Just a simple CD player, thanks
Shell of choice: Snail Shell
Wallpaper of choice: Creepy stuff
Skin of choice: The skin I'm in, baby
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime
Personal Quote: "Oh goodness..."
Was heading into kitchen to retrieve delicious pomegranate.  Find this on the kitchen floor.

Bricks shat.  Windex used.

Little bastard disappeared underneath the oven.  Not sure if my attack was super-effective.  Getting the creepy-crawly feeling all over.  Keep looking over my shoulder at the oven, which has betrayed me to provide cover for my adversary whose fate is yet to be discovered.

Screw you, oven.

BRB crying forever in fetal position

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ssjpan Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Professional General Artist
Thankyou for the Favorite and the Watch :)

That's a creepy spider >_> I about died when i scrolled by it ...
EnvySkort Featured By Owner 1 hour ago

Your art's pretty good.  It's got a lot of life to it and I love your use of color in your work.  Keep it up!

And the spider was a common grass spider.  They're relatively large (maybe an inch or two long) but kinda cute in their own way.  I was more freaked out by such a huge thing being in my house!
BlasticHeart Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch~^W^ )
EnvySkort Featured By Owner 1 hour ago

I'm really digging your work.  Your lines are very well done and your coloring is great as well.
ShadowGirl7 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch! :hug:
EnvySkort Featured By Owner 1 hour ago

Hopefully that RBLXSakura kid won't start trolling you again after his suspension's up.
ShadowGirl7 Featured By Owner 54 minutes ago  Student Traditional Artist
He and his "brother" :iconmarioleopoldsamrbx: are now both blocked on my list.

And I'll keep my eyes open in case they try to block evade. :iconeyesopenplz:
EnvySkort Featured By Owner 23 minutes ago
I wouldn't put it past them to do that, unfortunately. 

It's just unfortunate that RBLXSakura basically gave up on his own drawing skills and channeled his frustration into hating people who support copyright and people who could draw. 

That, despite the fact that many people offered to help him learn to draw and even gave him some tips, pointers, and links to tutorials onsite.
Silver-of-the-night Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
cheers for the watch
EnvySkort Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
NP.  Have FluffyEevee's whiteknights stopped trolling/harassing you yet?
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