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Courage In The Blood by EnvySkort
Courage In The Blood
As a fan of LAIKA creations, I squee'd like a schoolgirl when I first saw the trailer for it.  So, when I got a Notification that a Kubo contest was going on, I decided "why the hell not" so here we are.

I chose to present the entirety of Kubo's family, because each of them had their own unique challenges, struggles, and sacrifices for each other.  The theme of love was strong all throughout the movie, particularly in how it drew people together no matter who they were or where they came from.

I give special kudos to Sariatu and Hanzo, who endured great hardships for the sake of their son's survival and well being.

Hanzo battled the Moon King, knowing full well he would not see his family again, and yet he was not afraid to fight and give his life.

Sariatu was not afraid to put herself in danger when transporting Kubo to a safe place, ignoring her own injuries and grief for the sake of her son.

That said, I admire Kubo's steadfastness throughout the movie in dealing with frightening threats.  He was resolute and extremely mature for his age, in the face of dangerous situations that challenged him physically, mentally, and emotionally.  He drew upon his parents' love for strength, and drew on their courage and sacrifices to face things that would cause any normal person to turn and run, give up, or cry.

The challenge, then, is being able to draw strength and wisdom from the sacrifices of others.  When others make sacrifices for us, it makes us all the more determined to make them proud and see that their actions for our benefit were not in vain. 
Drawthread Request by EnvySkort
Drawthread Request
So I browse drawthreads somewhat frequently on /co/, both to see how other people put art requests together and to see if there's anything I can do for funsies/practice.

So today, I saw a request for Bebop and Rocksteady dressed as the Dirty Pair (retro anime, love that stuff) and couldn't refuse.  And yet, I now feel the urge to douse my eyes in bleach.
Guardian by EnvySkort
Holy crap I just came across this on an old flash drive.  I was playing around with cross-hatching and this occurred. 
Infinite Guardian P 12 by EnvySkort
Infinite Guardian P 12
Page 12 of a comic commission for DGamer119 of their series Infinite Guardian.

This is the last page of Chapter 1.  The story is ongoing, and further content can be found here:…
Infinite Guardian P 11 by EnvySkort
Infinite Guardian P 11
Page 11 of a comic commission for DGamer119 of their series Infinite Guardian.  Check it out here:…


United States
Gonna draw till I die. And then, I'm gonna keep drawing until I die some more!

Current Residence: My epic 2-story cardboard box, NOW WITH LIGHTING!!
Favourite genre of music: Video game music, techno/house, trance, jazz
Favourite style of art: Colors! Lots of colors! And action! The body in motion! Also... CARTOOOOOOOONS!
Operating System: Uh.... Rock Star energy drinks?
MP3 player of choice: Just a simple CD player, thanks
Shell of choice: Snail Shell
Wallpaper of choice: Creepy stuff
Skin of choice: The skin I'm in, baby
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime
Personal Quote: "Oh goodness..."
  • Listening to: Game Grumps Mario Maker
  • Reading: Thinner
  • Watching: Sailor Moon Super S and Star Trek Enterprise
  • Playing: Transformers Devestation
  • Eating: nectarines
  • Drinking: energy drinks because I hate my organs

Do you have a favorite cartoon character you'd like me to draw?  Do you have an OC that you'd like me to draw?  Do you have a comic idea that you'd like me to bring to life?  Sure, I guess I can do all of that!

What I Will Draw
Sailor Moon (including OCs)
Transformers (Prime, Animated, MTMTE, Rescue Bots, as well as OCs)
My Little Pony (including OCs/ponysonas)
Sonic The Hedgehog (including OCs)
Pretty much any cartoon/anime, really!

What I Will NOT Draw
Anything hateful/offensive/controversial
Bayformers (sorry, that mess is a little to complex for me)

Now for the fun part that everyone loves: prices!

Bust (Head, Neck, Shoulders)
inked: $4
colored (traditional or digital) : $7

inked: $10
colored (traditional or digital) : $15
additional character : $5 each

As you read from the title of this journal, I'm reopening commissions.  I unfortunately had a car accident recently and need a little extra help on the side to take the sting off of car payments on a new car (y'know, like an epidural during labor, but for car payments). 


As of right now, I've got three slots available.  That's not many, I know, but I'm hoping to open commissions at least twice a month going forward to give people more than enough chances to nab something.  I AM currently working full time from 2 in the afternoon till around 10 at night, but I will get stuff done as efficiently as possible. 

So, if you're interested, send me your request via Note and I'll post another journal announcing the ones I'll be proceeding with.

Thanks, and hope to draw you something soon!


So here are the lucky kids who have commission slots as of right freaking now:

1. Velocity-X78 with a colored bust of their OC High-Class

2. Transform-and-LOL with a picture of Octane and Swindle

3. istillfunction with a picture of their OC Dentruster

Don't fret if you're not on this list; as soon as I'm done with this batch of commissions, I plan on opening up another couple of slots.  Several folks contacted me after I received these three, so you are next in line the next time I open these up.  I will contact you via Notes in that case.

Thanks in advance, and hope to draw lots of stuff for soon-to-be customers soon!

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